Frustrating Day

Today I decided I wanted to move a blog from Blogger to WordPress.  It is a successful blog, where I showcase books for authors. It is called, New Book Blogger. Anyway, I decided I liked how WP kept to its schedules, and the layout is more suitable, so decided to rename the blog, The Virtual Bookcase, (thanks Jessica Bell), and spent hours creating the header.


Click me to enlarge

Halfway through creating the blog, and uploading the posts, I got a message from WordPress. They think I have broken the policy of advertising, and deactivated the blog. I suppose in a way, it is advertising. I showcase books for authors, free. Their links go to their sales sites. It is a shame, as I am not gaining from the blog, I am trying to help fellow writers get their books seen.

I have contacted them in the hope they will review the old blog, and see what I am trying to do is for others, and not for my monetary gain. I wait for a response, with fingers crossed. Just a shame I wasted so many hours on a “light-bulb moment”

Have you had one, and ended up with a fail at the last minute?

About Glynis Peters Author

I write Historical saga style novels featuring mystery and romantic twists. HarperCollins/HarperImpulse publishers of my novel, The Secret Orphan. I live in the UK, in a coastal town in Essex. When I am not writing, I enjoy making greetings cards, Cross Stitch, fishing and the company of my little granddaughters. I also write Victorian novels under my own name, Glynis Smy,
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16 Responses to Frustrating Day

  1. I am in the process of switching from to It’s up and running but there are still a few buttons that need to be tweaked so that everything comes in to my email. It’s a long todo but I hope it will be worth the hassle. Good luck with convincing wordpress you are not a scammer.

  2. Good luck, Glynis! Often with wordpress it’s simply a matter of getting the correct site for the purpose, and the free one has limitations. When I first started my author website, after a time I got ads from wordpress popping up on my posts. When I contacted them they said I needed to pay a small yearly fee to keep my site ad-free. Since many businesses have wordpress sites where they sell products and “advertise” their products, I’m sure there’s a way for you to use wordpress for your book blog, you just may not be able to use the one that’s completely free.

  3. A wry comment my daughter just read to me seems apropos right now: “Helen Waite is our Service Consultant. If you wish to activate your blog, go to Helen Waite.” Phoo, sometimes the world seems full of Helen Waites, doesn’t it? (And BTW, even though you can’t – yet – use the beautiful leader you made, I do thank you very much for including my cover. You’re the best, Glynis!)

  4. Good luck, Glynis. What you offer is wonderful and I hope WP see sense!

  5. hilarymb says:

    Hi Glynis .. the professional WP blog is where I’m sure you can go –

    Good luck with it – the header looks stunning … cheers Hilary

  6. jadereyner says:

    Must admit this surprised me a bit. Surely all you are doing is the same as the book review sites are doing? They are advertising books for sale as well, just in a roundabout way. Blimey, can’t wait to hear what happens as a result of this – best not do the whole “Buy my book now or else” blog that I was planning – lol! 🙂

  7. As I see other entries up the blogroll fo the new blog, I expect it all got ironed out. I’m slowly getting there!

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