Getting To Know The Author: Charmaine Gordon

HeartCharmaine Headshot for Author Central

Welcome, Charmaine. Now let’s learn more about you …

What is your genre? Why did you choose it?

I write Romance/Suspense and now have a new series about Mature Romance. Yum.

Do you work on more than one manuscript at a time?

Not possible. I never understand how writers can fragment into more than one at a time.

Do you work with a writing/critique group?

Yes, twice a month plus RWA meetings once a month. Great having experienced ears listen to my work. Sometimes I use the ideas, sometimes I listen and move on.

Can you remember your first reading book?

See Jane Run. That’s going back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Do you nibble on snacks while writing? If so, what is your chosen treat?

No. I just write. No nibbling around the computer.

Tidy desk or a bombsite? Describe your writing area with us.

Disasterville. In the beginning all was tidy but I raised my granddaughter right out of the egg and with the crib in one corner and toys underfoot, it didn’t take long before my space became a paper littered mess.

Oh gosh, that must have been quite a distraction! And messy, too! LOL

IG CVR F YAH cvr f2 small (2)Are you published in the traditional manner or self published? Share your journey.

My first book was published by a small company that went out of business two years later. Searching for a good home for my next book, I met Chelle Cordero, author of eight books at the time. She bought my book, loved it and told her publisher about me. And thus began my wonderful journey with Vanilla Heart.

Who would you say have been the three most influential authors in your reading/writing life?

Robert B. Parker is the first. In short sentences he told stories with humour, mystery, and love. Add John Sandford for his rich thriller stories and Susan Isaacs for her wit and clever books. I learned from them.

What advice would you like to share with other writers/authors with regard to preparing a manuscript?

Never give up if you really want to write. Maybe begin with Remember When and without censoring yourself, recall a happy or sad story from your childhood and write until you’ve finished. Enjoy the fun and power of the pen. It’s a start.

If the movie rights to your novels are purchased, who would you like to play your main characters?

In my new series, The Beginning. . .not The End, Mature Romance/Suspense I can picture Sean Connery as Collin Brody and Helen Mirren or Judi Dench as Joyce Campbell in the second book, Young at Heart. Oh yes.

Great choices! Love Judi Dench!

I was on my way to the supermarket, when … Do you have a tale to tell relating to an everyday, boring event?

I dance in the supermarket. Can’t help myself. A former professional dancer/actor in NYC, NY, I shop, push my cart, and when the music plays, I dance. Almost knocking over a carefully stocked pyramid of baked beans the other day, I heard the loud speaker blare. “Will the woman in Aisle four please stop dancing. Busted, I stopped, finished shopping and went home.

Oh, how embarrassing to be caught out!

Charmaine Gordon writes books about women who Survive and Thrive. Her motto is take one step and then another to leave your past behind and begin again. Six books and several short stories in three years, she’s always at work on the next story. The books include To Be Continued, Starting Over, Now What?, Reconstructing Charlie, Sin of Omission and The Catch, just released.
“I didn’t realize at the time while working as an actor in NYC, I’d become a sponge soaking up dialogue, setting, and stage directions. I learned many tools of writing during the years watching directors like Mike Nichols and actors including Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins, and Billy Crystal. And would you believe, I was Geraldine Ferraro’s stand-in leg model, my first job giving me entrée into all the Unions needed to work. When the sweet time ended, I began another career and creative juices flowed.”
You can reach Charmaine at
And on her FB page

The Beginning…Not the End. Mature Love, Romance, Suspense.

And as announced in USA Today

Book 1

Instant Grandpa
Charmaine Gordon

Summer at the Jersey Shore just got hotter… Take one widower grandfather, add two little grandkids, and widowed grandmother with a small granddaughter. Mix well. Stir in sun drenched beach days and moonlit nights. What have you got? A kite flying high with a new tail; an author writing a book to sort out emotions; a talented boy with his mother returned to claim the prize. Family complications and a happy beginning… not the end.
Book 2
Young at Heart
Charmaine Gordon

Seventy year old Joyce Campbell expected her new left hip to heal at Helen Hayes Rehabilitation. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with the distinguished silver haired Collin Brody who wouldn’t give her a second glance. Once he’d confessed he’d turned his hearing aids off so she wouldn’t distract him, they were off to share chicken noodle soup at a fancy restaurant on the Hudson River, but things just didn’t work out. Until Kizzy, the therapy dog comes into Collin’s life…and into his heart. What happens next? The Beginning, not The End.

From the new Charmaine Gordon series The Beginning…Not the End.
Mature Love, Romance, Suspense.

Publisher Vanilla Heart

Thanks, Glynis. It’s been a pleasure visiting with you.

About Glynis Peters Author

I write Historical saga style novels featuring mystery and romantic twists. HarperCollins/HarperImpulse publishers of my novel, The Secret Orphan. I live in the UK, in a coastal town in Essex. When I am not writing, I enjoy making greetings cards, Cross Stitch, fishing and the company of my little granddaughters. I also write Victorian novels under my own name, Glynis Smy,
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5 Responses to Getting To Know The Author: Charmaine Gordon

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Glynis – Thanks for introducing us to Charmaine.

    Charmaine – Thanks for sharing your writing life. How refreshing that you write about romance among people who aren’t – erm – in their 20’s any more. I love it!! I wish you much success.

  2. I can’t help but grin at the prospect of being busted in aisle four!

  3. Happy to provide a laugh, William and nice to meet you.Think of me next time you’re in aisle four.

  4. Salw says:

    Glynis Thanks for introducing us to Charmaine.Charmaine Thanks for snarihg your writing life. How refreshing that you write about romance among people who aren’t erm in their 20 s any more. I love it!! I wish you much success.

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