Oh Dear Me – Or Is That I? Warning: A Rant!

My post, ALLi and Me, has found me quite chastised. My inbox has a few messages telling me I do not deserve to be an author of books if, “I do not use grammatical terms correctly“. My “relaxed attitude towards the written word is to be frowned upon“, and apparently, four people were “offended” by my title. I did not respond via email, I binned them. So, for those of you who took time out to reprimand me, if you are reading this, and don’t forget I know who you are … I make NO apology.

It was intentional, a rhythm of words, a title for a blog post, I did not kill or maim anyone whilst writing the darn thing. I will not bring myself to, “change it before it spreads too far, and I embarras (actual spelling), my self (actual wording). Dear, Concerned Friend … embarrass myself? No, you have done that, sunshine! ALLi and Me – ALLi and I … however you wish it presented, it still exists, I am member – move on!

Maybe we “Brits do, do things differently” I do not care. This is my blog, I rite watt I wont and how I wont two. Please, if you have been offended by my titles, poor gramer, grandmer, grammar, spelling or what-not, then feel free to unfollow. I won’t be offended.

ImageFor those of you who forgive my quirks and this rant … I love you, adore you, and am lucky to have you in my life, thank you.

About Glynis Peters Author

I write Historical saga style novels featuring mystery and romantic twists. HarperCollins/HarperImpulse publishers of my novel, The Secret Orphan. I live in the UK, in a coastal town in Essex. When I am not writing, I enjoy making greetings cards, Cross Stitch, fishing and the company of my little granddaughters. I also write Victorian novels under my own name, Glynis Smy,
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27 Responses to Oh Dear Me – Or Is That I? Warning: A Rant!

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    I’d have binned them, too, Glynis. They’re not only rude, but completely missed your point.

  2. LOL Thanks for my morning chuckle, Glynis. You go, Girl!!!!! 😀 ♥

  3. Glynis – ignore these stupid people – there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with your writing, use of the English Language, story plots, blog titles or anything else!

    There are always PEDANTS (aka literary trolls) who have nothing else in their lives to amuse them (or give them a sense of power) so the pester authors like you.

    Make yourself a few Troll Bins to store their ramblings in (empty them daily)
    LOL 😀

  4. denizb33 says:

    Wow, how rude and trollish and completely missing the point! Why do people feel the need to spread anger and hate like that, especially for no reason?
    Anyway, they’re wrong, so there. Your post is about you, therefore “me” is correct in that title. You could have used a long form like “exciting news about Alli and me” but it’s your blog and you can title it however you wish!
    As an incurable grammar nitpicker it bugs me to see people spreading grammar hate, especially when they’re wrong. If they can’t say anything nice…

  5. Have they never heard of artistic licence?

  6. Good for you, Glynis! What spiteful people they must be. It’s your blog, your way!

  7. Dear God, I cannot stand so-called “pretentious” people. Obviously, the joke’s on them. Keep on keepin’ on, Glynis!

  8. Shall we send Fluffy, Destroyer of Worlds after them?

  9. dalefurse says:

    Um, I think you were grammatically correct, Glynis. ALLi and me. Not ALLi and I. Here’s why I say that. http://homeworktips.about.com/od/homeworkhelp/a/iandme.htm
    Expand the sentence ‘A story about ALLi and me’ like the examples to see what I mean.

  10. You tell those naysayers Glynis. Honestly people will pick anything apart whether it’s correct or not. Just complainers. I’m sharing your blog because all writers have to deal with this eventually. All too often really. Hang in there. Hugs, Barbara

    • Glynis Smy says:

      Barbara, they must have all been in the same little ‘clicky’ group. I have stepped away from all communication. Not worth it. Thanks for hug x

  11. Terri Nixon says:

    Hang on, I missed the comments/posts … are people saying that title is wrong? It’s not wrong, it’s perfectly correct! Anyone with half a brain knows that if you can take out “Alli and” and still have it make sense, then ‘”me” is the correct word in that sentence! Even if it wasn’t, FCOL have people seriously nothing better to do?! But it was. So *raspberries and finger-in-ear-waggling to everyone who made idiots of themselves trying to look clever. Module: Trolling 101: it rarely works. Module: Trolling 102: Get a life.

  12. Mavadelo says:

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  13. carolewyer says:

    Well, I think you know my feelings on this subject. having just binned a few of my own I sympathise. Like you I was astounded at the torrents of abuse and outpourings of anger. Guess not everyone ‘gets’ our quirky nature or clever wordplays. Stay positive, Glynis.

    • Glynis Smy says:

      Carol, I felt for you when you suffered the same day! I have moved on and they are out of my life. I am happy with my true friends and followers. I politely point out errors to some folk (mainly the big guns) but never bring them down with abusive emails. Rude and cruel. We are united, Carol. Positive all the way! x

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