Creative Moments

This week I have combined my love of creative card making with my love of writing. I spent time browsing various companies who create bookmarks, business cards and fridge magnets. A while ago I purchased business cards but to be honest, I am disappointed with them. I designed them online via the companies creator but they do not really stand out as I would like.

Looking in my stash, I came across cream card, and using I designed a fridge magnet. Well, in truth it was going to be a bookmark but I got my cm muddled with mm. I printed them off, added a little sparkle to one set, laminated them and cut them out. I then added a self-adhesive magnet. After pricing up, I worked out that I can make 12 for the price of 1 from a company. I compared mine with one Mother purchased, and they look sealed in the same way. I uploaded the picture to shareΒ  boast about my creations, and another author asked where I purchased them from!

magnet - Copy

I am busily trying to remember how I created the image so I can make my own business cards, and other little give-away treats for the Festival of Romance Fiction, conference in September. I have also agreed to give a talk at a library with another author, Suzan Collins. This will be my first coming out as an author. I hope the magnets will be a pleasant treat for those who turn up to listen.


About Glynis Peters Author

I write Historical saga style novels featuring mystery and romantic twists. HarperCollins/HarperImpulse publishers of my novel, The Secret Orphan. I live in the UK, in a coastal town in Essex. When I am not writing, I enjoy making greetings cards, Cross Stitch, fishing and the company of my little granddaughters. I also write Victorian novels under my own name, Glynis Smy,
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17 Responses to Creative Moments

  1. It looks great. I was lucky in that we had a local print company that created my posters and bookmarks. They did a fabulous job. My business cards are less inspiring.

  2. denizb33 says:

    Lovely, Glynis! I like both the colours and the scrolls in the corners.

  3. carolcooper says:

    Well done, Glynis.

  4. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, Glynis, this is absolutely fabulous! What a great idea! And it looks lovely too. Well done! May just nick this idea myself… πŸ˜‰

  5. Pretty, Glynis! Best of luck in September.

  6. Those are good ideas, Glynis!

  7. Hilary says:

    Hi Glynis – I agree with the others … what a great idea/ideas .. and then have fun at the Festival of Fun Romance in September, while enjoy the talk at the library ..

    Great stuff .. cheers Hilary

  8. Roger says:

    I’ve been meaning to do this for years, but there’s always more writing to be done before it disappears from my head. i will, I must – eventually.

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