Happy New Year: 2019

Happy New Year: 2019!

What a year 2018, was for me! The Secret Orphan is doing well out in the big wide world, and I am enjoying good reviews and rank placings on various Amazon platforms.

I enjoyed moments alongside (and above) some famous names within the writing world, and had me a few proud moments leading up to the end of the year. The start of 2019, has been equally as exciting.

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Having a publishing team by my side has given me more confidence as a writer, and I look to continue writing WWII novels in the future. At my age (61), I am delighted to be involved with traditional publishing and learning the ropes. The challenges have been worth every moment of ‘can I do this?’ panic attacks. In a few weeks I’m heading into London to meet up with my Editing Director again, but for the first time at HarperCollins Headquarters, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to see where the action happens.

I wish you all a very successful 2019, and thank you for your support.


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Open Letter to a Reader

Dear Reader,

I hope you are well. My life is richer for having you in it, and I felt the need to let you know. Do you know what I think about as I’m writing my book, what I envisage as I write, The End? Let me tell you.

I see you, imagine you, as you sit in your comfy spot. You are relaxed with your legs curled beneath you and a hot chocolate on a table nearby, or on a lounger under the summer sun. The truth is probably that you are snatching a few seconds on the train to read a sentence, surrounded by the noise of other travellers, but you shut them out for those precious few moments. You’ve been transported to another world. To a world which delights you, scares the jeebies out of you, or one which makes you want to live in that world.

A character speaks to you and you become that person, or you despise that person, or you fall madly in love with the handsome hero/heroine. Whichever floats your boat, however you read that book, when you’ve finished reading and feel satisfied with the ending – or not, please consider taking time out to leave a review on whatever platform you’ve purchased the book from, or even if it was a gift or loaned to you. Mention it.

My sister said this was worth reading and she lent me her copy / ebook reader to read …

I found a copy in a charity shop but had to leave a review as I enjoyed it so much …

Reviews are not time wasted, believe me, as an author a few positive words mean so very much, and keep me focused on writing the next novel. The harsh ones can hurt, I’m human after all, but I do appreciate folk have differing tastes.

A review will help others choose a new read for a winter’s day or a beach read under the sun. Please consider leaving a review of The Secret Orphan and help put a smile on my face and keep me focused on writing the next book.

My thanks to the many readers who’ve already taken the time, and to those who’ve shared the news of my new release. I truly am grateful to you all. Thank you.

My very best wishes,

Glynis Peters (Author)

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