Self Published Novels by Glynis Smy

Amazon UK #1 Victorian Romance 2014 / 2015

Shortlisted – Festival of Romance Fiction New Talent Award 2014

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Amazon bestseller #1 Victorian / Maggie’s Child


Ripper, My Love Book 1 : Ripper Romance (Suspense/Thriller)

Ripped Genes Book II : Ripper Romance

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Medical Romance (with a twist)


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Maggie’s Child: The book is real page turner and one which I would rank up there with Josephine Cox, Marie Joseph and Anna Jacobs, three of my all time favorite authors of historical fiction. It gives us a deep insight into the hardships of life in the nineteenth century. The heroine, Maggie, suffers dreadful cruelty at the hands of her miserly husband and through the love of her child, whom she cannot acknowledge she is determined to rise above it and eventually finds true love. This is a beautifully written book which I can highly recommend and I am really looking forward to the next book by this outstanding author. Christine Ramsey. Poet/Reader. UK.

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RIPPER, MY LOVE, by Glynis Smy, is in no way an ordinary historical romance. Full of twists, turns, and plenty of nail-biting suspense and scares, it seamlessly blends an emotional love affair with a shocking, history-as-it-might-have-been, crime story. Ms. Smy has created a wonderfully Hitchcockian novel; we readers know The Ripper’s secrets nearly from the outset. Our characters – especially Kitty and her extended family – do not. We realize (à la Mr. Hitchcock) that the figurative bomb is on the bus. When will it go off? Who will live? Who will die? (Yorba Linda, CA USA)

Ripper, My Love: I enjoyed this historical novel set in the time of Jack the Ripper’s frightful rampage. The author has invented yet another theory to the Ripper’s identity and a very entertaining one it is… although, in a dark and creepy sort of way. The author pulls you into the era with vivid description. Jumping between the point of view of a serial killer and the point of view of an innocent young woman was indeed a wonderful contrast to show two distinct sides of a killer. If you enjoy historical novels with a bit of romance and a twist of evil, check it out!  Biker Babs Reader USA

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Ripped Genes – Sequel to RML: This book has had me gripped for the last 5 hours , an amazing follow up to Ripper my Love and now feel like the story has finally been completed . The first few chapters took me back to the characters I loved in Glynis Smy’s first novel “Ripper My Love ” and brought me back upto date , with out giving away too much to potential readers , the story then has an amazing and intriguing twist that had me totally hooked !!!! Her best novel so far and if she keeps writing like this , she is going to be one hugely respected and adored author. S Duckworth. Cyprus.